kobayashi isa

kobayashi isa

Friday, December 26, 2008

let us celebrate the sanctity of life

let us celebrate the sanctity of life

peace, joy, blessings, love, and prayers

relight the beacon, renew the hope, reawaken the faith, restore the promise, return to the light, be born again: we are the chosen people, the Heavenly Kingdom, the New Jerusalem, the sacred community of the ordained, beings of light, friends and family, the New Republic. Let us shine. Let our new light wash away the darkness.

we all, each and every one of us,
are that special unique sacred gift,
without which creation can not be complete

bright ice cold
winter morning
market day, isa’s birthday

new fire old coals
in the old stove
new year

December 25, 2008, Winter Solstice Journal

This year I celebrated Thanksgiving with a prayers service after Friday prayer, with a memorial service for my parents and supplicatory prayers for the new American government.

The traditional Turkish idiom for rain is "god’s mercy ." Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated. The two great holidays in the Islamic year are the Ramazan Holiday and the Feastday of Haj. For Thanksgiving Day, after the memorial prayers, there was a meal together, at a small local zawiya, corner meeting for Sufis, which was catered by the young dervishes living there studying.

all morning in the kitchen

cooking chicken and mutton
keeps us warm

cold noontime sun
stretches out the shadows
call for Friday prayers

suras chanted for my mother
old men in overcoats
join the meal, and students

According to certain traditional signs and teachings, some people are saints and wait for us in heaven. Dreams where someone sees Mohammed[saws] for example are guaranteed to be inspired. Believers who die in faith past the age of 90 are blessed. My mother Rosi was 97. She assured us she returned to her Walti who was waiting for her in heaven.

last prayers
in the cold night air
streets empty

cold night air
stoves smell of coal
lights behind curtains

two days without water
unwashed pots and dishes
left over bones for soup.

first of the month of Hajj
got to shop for a new stove

bright orange pumpkin
hot soup with spices?
or pumpkin soufflé gateau

  • thunderstorms threaten
  • winter
  • waiting for my son's call

  • thunderstorms threaten
  • winter
  • i hate talking to my bank

  • thunderstorms threaten
  • winter
  • no city water all day today

  • thunderstorms threaten
  • winter
  • tomorrow's not thanksgiving in turkey
  • thunderstorms threaten
  • winter
  • god's electrifying mercy

sun’s shortest day
*Rumi’s night of light
all day all night rain

*shebi aruz
Konya deep in snow
dervishes deep in remembrance

hazretti pir mevlana jelaluddin rumi’s wedding night,
winter solstice,
night weds the light

*isa's birthday dawns
cold, freezing wet
neighbors get to work

isa's birthday
Thursday's market day
shoppers all bundled up

*"isa" is probably the most common spelling outside Western Europe of Yeshua/Joshua/Jesus. in arabic 3ain.yau.sin.yau. it gets transliterated in latin letters to i.s.a and it means something like word avatar, "god saves/defends/keeps safe", a kind of prayer, or war cry. Noel is not a holiday most places.
*hazretti mevlana jelaluddin mohammed rumi *”shebi aruz”: means “wedding night”, mevlana’s wedding night, the night he returned to heaven

bright ice cold
winter morning
market day, isa’s birthday

silent night
god's mercy
blankets the city in white

silent night
the city sleeps
under a white blanket

silent night
little Franklin stove
keeps out the cold

in silence
falling snow
reflects the street lights

isa's birthday dawns
cold, freezing wet neighbors get to work


relighting the stove
with last night's coals.

new fire old coals
in the old stove
new year

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