kobayashi isa

kobayashi isa

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fw: the body of Christ

dear family, brothers sister friends: this is my personal letter to warren

celebration of the sanctity of life, of the sacredness of the human family, is a universal, actually hardwired in our beings, not exclusive property of nobody...

let us all, atheist, humanist, and as the Quran says, any human anywhere, celebrate this divine ever new light of life love and being.


--- On Sat, 12/27/08, isa wrote:

From: isa
Subject: the body of Christ
To: info@saddleback.net
Date: Saturday, December 27, 2008, 5:06 PM

dear Saddleback.net and Mr. Warren and associates:

You cannot read the plea and the prayers of Paul and not know: The body of Christ is not one community to the exclusion of the rest. Kenosis you know is not puffing up, but bending down. Kenosis is the antonym of dominion. Kenosis according to the Fathers of the "Church" is the proof of Jesus' ministry to the divine family, that Jesus put aside dominion and became a baby, the most powerless poorest most helpless possible.

Making politics with God's mercy, denying it, demeans belittles denigrates God's majesty.

We are NOT Christophobes. You do not have the right, the authority, the mission of taking on Christ's mantle: you can't make the claim which Jesus refused to claim by his own authority in obedience to the Father: called kenosis by the fathers of the church... Sorry, there is no such self appointed papal infallibility, neither in Rome, nor Alexandria, nor in Saddleback. When you claim for you yourself the authority of the Church, the body of Christ, you usurp God's mercy, and proclaim what Jesus in His lifetime refused to allow.

No. The Christophobes are the ones who damn some of or any of those who turn to the Lord and wait on the Lord. Christophobes are the ones who damn anyone of any belief or "lifestyle" who serve in peace, who serve in mercy, who serve the cursed, the outcast, the centurion's slave, the fallen, the lost sheep, the goyim, the Samaritan, women with bloody discharge, the unclean. Serve the unclean, and you will be washed clean by their tears. That is Jesus's contract, cleansed of sectarianism.

God's Son is us, all of us, as Jesus reminded his locuters.

No. I don't hate you, but your bull shit until you clean it up makes the whole church smell. Arrogance always stinks of its father whom Jesus after 40 days of fasting ordered back under its rock, and simony is a mortal sin, unforgivable. Yes you win. Our Jesus didn't. Our Jesus refused to compete. Those who claim Jesus's mantle don't seek glory in the devil's house, but seek it among the outcast, downtrodden and despised: that is the mantle. Any other is wolves in sheep's clothing.

The choice is yours, you know. People can't be fixed. God makes us, doesn't hate us, and asks us to serve him by showing his mercy, that mercy which knows no boundary. Choose. As God warns in Deuteronomy, you don't need no engraved invitation, this Word is written in your human heart. It's there to light the darkness. Those that reject that light burn in it anyway. Let yourself burn. That is God's mercy.

Let that love shine, and no darkness can dim it.

from one fagot in god's barbecue to another, let us celebrate the sanctity of all newborn children and all their mothers and all their fathers, all god's special gifts, without whom god's universe is incomplete. Let us celebrate the sacredness of all families.

merry and happy and holy feast of the incarnation of god's divine mercy in the human heart, the new light in the new year.

isa fakir

"If not now, when?"
"if I am not for me, who is. if I am just for me, what am I"

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Carlos Gesmundo said...

Isafair -- Stumbled onto your blog and this post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.