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kobayashi isa

Saturday, December 20, 2008

the right to life. Fw: [OutforObama] opinion, fact, law,: celebrate the sanctity of ALL life

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Subject: [OutforObama] opinion, fact, law
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Date: Saturday, December 20, 2008, 12:30 PM

dear friends and family

"we are the change we have been waiting for"
isa "hussein2" kocher

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From: isa@786isa.net
Subject: [OutforObama] opinion, fact, law,
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Date: Saturday, December 20, 2008, 12:30 PM

1. opinion
2. fact
3. opinion about fact

everyone has a right to their opinion. nobody has a right to their own facts.

you can have an opinion about the facts, but if the facts are not what you think they are, than your opinion stops being a right and just becomes wrong. Plain and Simple. Facts are provable.

1. the moon is beautiful. Madonna makes me puke. OK.
2. a.the moon is a satellite of earth: OK. 2.the sun is a satellite of earth. NOT.
3. Galileo said 2a true and 2b false and the church tried him for disbelief. He was declared a heretic.

1. My brother in law tells me "you are too disgusting. get out." I was physically told to get out of my own house because my brother in law pukes from seeing gay people kiss in the living room. "you're sick. get the **** out." In DeBruce New York, on the corner of DeBruce and Goff Roads, at the former DeBruce Club Inn, where I grew up. Where I butchered chickens for the restaurant. Picked out the lost golf balls from the three streams and the water traps. Played in the summer hotel baseball league. Bell hopped. Busboyed. Ran the Saturday night movie. At age 35, I took the manager of a major NYC hotel kitchen home for the weekend on Friday, and my sister and her husband happened to get there Saturday.

"Get the **** out: you make me puke."

That is a brother in law in the living room of my own house, a house I own together with my siblings. BTW, that brother-in-law has moral challenges enough to mind his own business.

2. marriage in the USA is a civil contract and under the constitution immune from religious concerns. Fact. marriage universally is a basic human right.

2,500 years ago[not 5,000, but less than 3,000.] In Athenian law only rich men could marry. Workers, women, children, foreigners, gay males, slaves and poor people had no right to marry... by law. Boys from rich families had to provide sex service to rich men in return for basic education and legal standing in the adult community BUT sexual penetration of a freeman boy was a capital offense. Sex was one way and intracrurial.

From the time of Hammurabi through to the end of the Roman Republic when Mohammed II conquered Constantinople rich men had a legal right to sexually penetrate whomever they wanted, male female child or dog as long as it was not a rich boy, or owned by another rich man. If I as a rich male raped a dog or my neighbor's milkmaid or scrub, probably the dog cost me more.

The Christian Empire, east and west, Latin Church and Orthodox, gave same sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples. In the Latin medieval churches, heterosexual couples were forbidden to enjoy any sex of any kind. By law they had to be fully clothed, and then only occasionally, and in the Orthodox churches any sex between married people[also eating olive oil or butter, milk products eggs, fish or anything with blood in it] was forbidden for nine weeks before Easter, four weeks before Christmas, Four weeks before the Feast of the Assumption in August. Four weeks before the feast of the Apostles. see for example: http://www.abbamoses.com/fasting.html. Leaving altogether about two months a year to make hay. Legally, same sex couples were more restricted, but literally who was looking. They were equal as families before god and humanity. Fact.

Throughout most of the human race, over the last 5000 years same sex unions have been blessed and recognized and forbidden and condemned and ignored.

The Spanish Inquisition in the Americas burned about 100 Million gay people between 1500 and 1600 according to quite detailed archives in Spain. Throughout all the First Nations of Central South and North America same sex unions were considered ideal, and not just allowed but had a place of honor.

3. A lot of people hate gay people. A lot of people think hating gay people is OK.

In Germany a lot of people liked Jews and Gypsies and queers and Muslims, but they elected a government whose purposes were to cleanse the state of perversity, defective humans, mental disorders, and Jews and Muslims, and Gypsies and queers and the retarded, and the mentally ill, and orphaned children of the poor were systematically cleansed from the Third Reich. That was their concept of democracy.

In contrast, the Constitution of the USA forbids any ideological litmus test to human rights before the law. It is not anybody's business, before the law. Before science and history, those who want to take away my standing in a civil contract, and the rights of my family in family law are wrong, scientifically and historically and legally.

Telling the victim that they are whining is beneath contempt. It is lower than low. It is as immoral, as cruel, as sick as anybody who watched the Christians being eaten alive and not saying no. Whether it is a vet with PTSD, a woman sexually abused by her legal mate, a child sexually abused by their parents, or any gay person in the USA: blaming the victim is inhuman.

It takes people with zero moral IQ to tell us to stop complaining. And that we are sick to protest denial of basic human rights? Sick to deny we are rapists and child abusers? There are no words to convey the heartless mindless cruelty of any such person. That is abusive. As abusive as anybody who actually does commit rape and child abuse.

I have an unlimited right to demand my basic human being before society, and anyone who denies me the right to stand up and fight for my rights is wrong.

Believe what you want. Think what you want. BUT when you attack my family, don't dare tell me I can't protect them.

"we are the change we have been waiting for"
isa "hussein2" kocher

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