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kobayashi isa

Monday, June 9, 2008

self hate does not help us...

Re: Hillary is NOT the right choice for VEEP!

--- In DemsAbroad@yahoogroups.com, "Randy Caldwell"
wrote: Her campaign started the Muslim and Madrassah

It really hurts us when right wing fascist anti-American propaganda, whose sole purpose is to hurt and destroy the Democratic Party is
presented on the DemsAbroad listserv and is taken seriously. That hurts. It is hate speech.

It hurts me, as a disabled vet. It hurts our party. It hurts our nation. I object.

There is something seriously wrong when lies invented to hurt Democrat progressives appear on Democratic party pages for the purpose of hurting one of us. That hurts everyone.


CNN specifically identifies the origin of this attack on ALL democrats at the Washington Times, owned by Sun Myung Moon. Sun Myung Moon, a convicted criminal, fraud, and anti-democratic demaogogue, close friend of the Bushes. Close friend of GHW's and Neil Bush's, GW's youngest brother. Moon asserts that he is the messiah himself. His organization is 100% dictatorial. His alliance with the Bushes goes
back decades. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Myung_Moon

Moon's purpose is theocracy with him as the world's
divinely appointed sole ruling power . There is something seriously wrong when Moon propaganda is used by us against us.

The Washington Times is notorious for its complete rejection of professional journalism and as a right wing propaganda rag:

Founding The Washington Times

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Myung_Moon... snip ... snip
... The Washington Times: In Washington, Moon found common ground with strongly anti-Communist leaders of the 1980s, including President Ronald Reagan. Using Unification Church funds in 1982, Moon, Bo Hi Pak, and other church leaders founded The Washington Times. During the next 20 years Moon spent a billion dollars on the paper, most of it in the Washington D.C. area, to establish and support what he called "the instrument in spreading the truth about God to the world".[20] More recent estimates of Moon's ongoing subsidies of Unification Church owned media, which
now include United Press International and Insight Magazine, have exceeded three billion dollars in the US alone.[21]

" ... snip ... snip ... Critics assert that Moon has used Unification Church media assets as political propaganda tools, to act in support of Moon's political agenda, including Rev. Moon's stated goal of establishing the United Nations as a theocratic one-world government, with "True Parents" in the role of Secretary-General "in eternity". Many major newspapers have published extensively about the Moon Bush
connection, including the Guardian, which published a several page expose, when Helen Thomas, one of the 20th century's top reporters resigned when UPI was bought by Moon in protest... snip ... snip" ...

His Unification Church international center and Unification Church Belvedere Training Center of the Unification University is in my home where I grew up in Tarrytown, NY. My family sold it to Moon in the 70s. I never spoke to my father

"... snip ... snip ... In the 70s [Moon] was saying that democracy was evil, Americans were lazy,... snip ... snip ..."

"... snip ... snip ... snip ...Sun Myung Moon's end time political front, the Universal Peace Federation had a summit from April 28 to May 2 in Washington DC. The participants took a tour of the Moon owned Washington Times and
chartered a plane to go visit George H. W. Bush's library. Once again, George 41 gave a keynote address in support of Moon's efforts... snip ... snip ...

"John Solomon, the new executive editor of the Washington Times who told C-span viewers recently that the paper does not push Moon's
agenda, made an appearance at one function apparently hosted by the paper. (see slide show link below)

"Brent Scowcroft and former congressman Earl Hillard also showed up to help Moon subdue the planet.

"The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is the Unification Church as Moon intended it to be. "... snip ... snip ...

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