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kobayashi isa

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Choosing Senator Rodham Clinton. I.

Re: the right choice


> While all justices are lawyers, very few lawyers become judges. The Supreme Court requires experienced judges with a history and experience on the bench and preferably experience in constitutional law. We've had enough of unqualified political appointees on the Supreme Court.>

The justices NOW on the Supreme Court today are the worst since the justices who decided Dred Scott based on narrow legal precedents. Maybe even worse than that. The worst court in US history and all experienced court justices. All senior justices before appointment to the Supreme Court. All pretty d**n bad.

All of the justices now on the court are *long*time*experienced* trial court judges, but some of the very best justices in supreme court history were not judges before becoming Supreme Court justices.

We absolutely do not need more Alitos Scalias Roberts or Thomases

Our Supreme Court needs someone like William Douglas(never even wrote a legal opinion even as supreme court justice), John Jay(legislator and diplomat,never served as a judge anywhere), Oliver Wendell Holmes(never served as a federal court judge), Felix Frankfurter (diplomat,never served as a judge anywhere:zionist), Earl Warren(politician, never served as a judge), Thurgood Marshal(civil rights activist), and John Marshall who was the most important Supreme Court justice we ever had and never served as a justice anywhere before being appointed as Chief Justice.

Our greatest and best supreme court justices all were purely political appointees without any previous Federal Court judicial experience.

It is the narrow nit picking procedure ridden and academic justices with solid federal court experience who've been the worst. They get their federal experience by being appointed under the national radar as right wing and racist judges and anti-democratic agendas are the only reason they became justices in the federal courts under Reagan and Bush I and Bush II.

We need someone who places justice above the narrow precedents built up by rich corporations using courts to destroy congressional intentions in laws and twist the constitution to say things like G W Bush has a civil right to be president, what the gang of 5 said in 2000, giving Bush a personal civil right that trumped the civil rights of a couple of hundred million Americans

We now have a court which says workers cannot sue corporations to get justice unless the corporations agree they are guilty before they are sued, and that corporation's civil rights trump living person's rights.

All experienced federal judges to a person:

John Roberts (Chief Justice)
January 27, 1955 (1955-01-27) (age 53) in Buffalo, New York 78-22. September 29, 2005 Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (2003–2005); Private practice (1993–2003); Professor, Georgetown University Law Center (1992–2005); Associate Counsel to the President (1982–1986); Principal Deputy Solicitor General (1989–1993); Private practice (1986–1989); Special Assistant to the Attorney General (1981–1982)

John Paul Stevens
April 20, 1920 (1920-04-20) (age 88) in Illinois 98-0 December 19, 1975 Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (1970–1975); Private practice (1948–1970); Lecturer, University of Chicago Law School (1950–1954); Lecturer, Northwestern University School of Law (1954–1958)

Antonin Scalia
March 11, 1936 (1936-03-11) (age 72) in New Jersey 98-0 September 26, 1986 Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (1982–1986); Professor, University of Chicago Law School (1977–1982); Assistant Attorney General (1974–1977); Professor, University of Virginia School of Law (1967–1974)

Anthony Kennedy
July 23, 1936 (1936-07-23) (age 71) in California 97-0 February 18, 1988 Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (1975–1988); Professor, McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific (1965–1988); Private practice (1963–1975)

David Souter
September 17, 1939 (1939-09-17) (age 68) in Massachusetts 90-9 October 9, 1990 Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (1990–1990); Associate Justice, New Hampshire Supreme Court(1983–1990); Associate Justice, New Hampshire Superior Court (1978–1983); Attorney General of New Hampshire (1976–1978); Deputy Attorney General of New Hampshire (1971–1976); Assistant Attorney General of New Hampshire (1968–1971); Private practice (1966–1968).

Clarence Thomas
June 23, 1948 (1948-06-23) (age 59) in Georgia 52-48 October 23, 1991 Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (1990–1991); Chairman, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1982–1990); Legislative Assistant for Missouri Senator John Danforth (1979–1981); employed by Monsanto Inc. (1977– 1979); Assistant Attorney General of Missouri under State Attorney General John Danforth (1974–1977)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
March 15, 1933 (1933-03-15) (age 75) in New York Clinton 97-3 August 10, 1993 Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit (1980–1993); General Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union (1973–1980); Professor, Columbia Law School (1972–1980); Professor, Rutgers University School of Law (1963–1972)

Stephen Breyer
August 15, 1938 (1938-08-15) (age 69) in California Clinton 87-9 August 3, 1994 Chief Judge, Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (1990–1994); Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (1980–1990); Professor, Harvard Law School (1967–1980)

Samuel Alito
April 1, 1950 (1950-04-01) (age 58) in New Jersey G.W. Bush 58-42 January 31, 2006 Circuit Judge, Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (1990–2006); Professor, Seton Hall University School of Law (1999–2004); U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey (1987–1990); Deputy Assistant Attorney General (1985–1987); Assistant to the Solicitor General (1981–1985); Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey (1977–1981)

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