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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fwd: [WHCworkshop] a tongue in cheek look at Texas weather

isa "HUSSEIN" kocher: 4 AUG, Barak Obama's birthday

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I was in San Antonio, Lackland, for basic training.

December and January 1962.

one morning, we went out for training, after breakfast, wearing cotton uniforms, shirts and pants, normal summer uniform. I think it was in the 80s. It definitely did not look like we were going to have a Dickensian Christmas.

towards noon, we saw a wall of black, literally a wall, come from the west, as high up as we could see.

the wall passed over us, and we were in a sand storm, zero visibility

by the time we got back to the barracks, the sand storm had cleared somewhat although the sky was black still, and it started to snow flurry and all the places where there had been any standing water or running water were all frozen.

we were issued winter jackets which were about as warm as the wicked witch's (i.e. my third wife's) left nipple.

That night I was so sore from sunburn from the morning, I had trouble sleeping, and my feet felt like I was standing in a bucket of ice.

one of my fonder memories of texas.

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the cooler weather
of autumn
today's high, 98

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