kobayashi isa

kobayashi isa

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday January 12, this fakir will be in Solothurn

  • Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 12:28:37 -0800 (PST)

  • From: "isa"
  • Subject: Re: Saturday January 12, this fakir will be in Solothurn in Switzerland godwilling

  • To: "jessica schülein" jessica.schuelein@web.de

solothurn is right next to Berne maybe I can come to Deutschland for a day?

love you

take care

isa fakir

jessica schülein wrote:
hi isa,

nice to hear from u, i hope ur fine!! well, i hope u and abdel, everythings ok?! now, hes without u in pamukkale, i hope hes gonna survive... where are u exactly in switzerland?? its a pitty, im so buisy cause of examenes...

kiss and greetings,

> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: isa@786isa.net
> Gesendet: 11.01.08 19:45:34
> An: Jessica Schuelein
> Betreff: Saturday January 12, this fakir will be in Solothurn in Switzerland godwilling

Hi! all: Tomorrow morning, I have tickets to fly to Switzerland to return next Saturday.
> Come and visit or send me the names of people I can sponge on while I am there
> love and peace to all
> isa fakir on his way

"Joshua S. Sisco" wrote:

What time will you be there? And where are you staying...? I dont know anyone there, so I can't help you with that...but a visit could certainly be in order.

ice cold grey River Aare
boys in Long Island, Rhodes, Malta, Moscow
go swimming in thanksgiving


hot breakfast tea and milk
cheeses and fresh baked rolls
hungry gulls patrol the Aare


first day of Muharrem

new moon, new years
in Switzerland
Swiss croissants for breakfast


grey overcast sky
reflects off the grey Aare
grey stone walls surround the city

grey Sunday
the colorful Swiss ducks
sleep in the cold Aare

  • Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 03:33:14 -0800 (PST)
  • From: "isa"
  • Subject: Re: Saturday January 12, this fakir will be in Solothurn in Switzerland godwilling
  • To: "scottkahn"

scottkahn wrote:

> Isa, how…

i'll be here godwilling till 19 january than back to istanbul

it has been such hell in my life for the past two months i don't know where to start and i was hoping to god that a week in Switzerland would at least be pleasant but so far it is hell here too.

they gave me the wrong bags at the airport: I need a wheel chair when I travel internationally because of my spinal injuries and my asthma and they get me through customs without having to stand or walk kilometres: some airport you walk literally kilometres from plane to customs or form one plane to another, and I can't. As it was even with the wheel chair assistance I was over a half hour late for boarding and the man at the gate is yelling at me to hurry up while the security guard is fingering my balls at the security gate to make sure they aren't falsies(I am in the wheel chair and at that point literally CAN'T stand up without falling down faint).

So by the time I get to Zurich I am totally exhausted. The helper is a sweet huge enormous man from Nigeria and we exchange emails cuz he wants my help with his orphanage in Nigeria (no joke) but he mistakes my bag for the one right next to it: they look identical. Two identical black bags. Only the other one is three or four times heavier than mine. At the train platform the train to Solothurn arrives and I can't pick up my bag and then I open it and see it's not mine. This time however there's no helper. I push the bag trolley with my three bags and some strangers' bag which weighs twice all o my bags together. Up three flights to the street back to the terminal two, from terminal two to terminal one from terminal one to terminal two, but in the security zone, and then wait an hour fill in the forms and get my own bag is as I recall light as a feather. it is my computer stuff which weighs a ton. Any from terminal two back to customs again this time without a helper (thank GOD I had my Swiss ID card hanging around my neck or I would probably be hanging myself now.)

Back to the train station where I buy a week long free pass, 400 Swiss Franks SF, everywhere anywhere bus or train free for a week for 400 SF. Second Class. God Knows how much a free pass First Class costs. That was with my over 65 discount (in Arabic I am over 65, so I wasn't lying, really, and I wasn't speaking Swizerdutsch either, so they can't arrest me and try me for fraud. Just a small disagreement.

Some how I don't know how, I get my bags on the rain but God knows where second class is: I trip over some Greek lady's foot which actually she tripped me, and pass out. I awake in a chair. I don't know where I am. Bags are in the corridor. I check and my camera (2,000 USD$ canon) is not stolen. One small miracle. The conductor comes and asks for my ticket and I tell him in English German French and Turkish that I am sick and don't know nothing where I am or anything. He says that that is MY problem. he comes back and starts cursing me. I ask for a ticket and he proceeds to abuse me for 10 or 15 minutes and all i want from his is a ticket. he keeps saying that being sick and losing my ticket is not HIS problem, and I keep asking him to sell me ticket. 70 SF for a first class ticket to Solothurn which he throws at me. And when I take my change he threatens to throw me off the train... I say Willkommen in der Schweiz, Bienvenue.

At Solothurn, I go to complain and the "head" lady subjects me to a half an hour of anti~American hate speech. My only savior in the whole mess was a semi-ugly semi-cute blond Spanish Swiss immigrant from Barcelona with braces on his teeth whose English is better than God's and who also speaks perfect Basler Deutsch (Switzerdutsch from Basel). He and the lady gauleiter from Hell are shouting away in Switzerdutsch while another agent is yelling at me to shut up.

In Switzerland the only crime more serious than defrauding a bank is making a formal complaint about anybody for any reason if they work for the government so making a formal complaint about a conductor is a capital offense except there is no capital punishment in Switzerland except the Swiss National Railway gauleiters in front of me would happily make me an exception on the spot. She closes the whole ticket off ice and invites customers to her off ice one by one. Why, because I disobeyed her direct order to "shut up."

the place to stay in Pamukkale:

  • Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2008 04:47:22 -0800 (PST)
  • From: "isa"
  • Subject: ave, hi! SLMZ: Isa is in Switzerland now until 19 January. Right now in Hotel an der Aare
  • To: "5742AMyFamily" 5742A@send2myfamily.com

SLMZ, merhaba, Gruezzi miteinander, Hi! wazzup, Ni hao!, Aloha, huwa, jambo, mambo sadiki, ave, hello, ey mano: lieber dear sayin sadik sheriif family friends and others:

I am now just finishing BREAKfast at the Hotelan der AARE overlooking the AARE while typing on my wonderful laptop on its wondurful new plastic stand so I don't need to squicnh my knees or squirm my nck or anything.

Breakfast: croissants, breakfast tea, some great swiss cheese I never aye before whose name I can't read, creamy, full cream much much softer than a raclette and resembling a Gruyere... Chocolate Yogurt, honey, something small and creamy with berries in it, and swiss milch fresh and tea and more tea and more tea with honey in it, in my brand new Swiss coffee mug I bought at the train station.

Warning warning warning: never ever be old sick and disabled and poor on an SS (state run) swiss train: it is a capital offense, 1 to be old, 2 to be sick, and 3. to be disabled, anywhere apparently in Switzerland and the non-judicial punishment is ant-American racist hate drivel. Apparently the current national Swiss Railway is run by a branch of the nationalist party and dual citizenship is similar to dual citizenship in Turkey, an affront to national honor. Being poor is a crime apparently of treason.

I feel so at home here after two decades in Turkey. Now I know why the Turks hate the Swiss, they are better Turks than any Turk can ever hope to be.

Anyway, anyone want to contact moi, mich, ben, ana, je, ya, moy, ME?

Here's where I am. The Hotel an der AARE, in Solothurn.

I left my phone in my room, so I'll send that along too, later on: happy Hijra New Years, the month of Muharrem. Upcoming soon is the Hijra equivalent of Yom Kippur, Yom al ashra, tenth of Muharrem, "Ashure," the day when Shia beat themselves into submission all night long and Sunnis eat a special pudding such as Moses and the Jews ate in Sinai after crossing the Red Sea to celebrate the drowning of the Pharaoh and his minions, [only to see them reincarnated as Swiss train conductors].

This pudding, called Ashure, is made of wheat kernels, raisins, at least three or four varieties of nuts(pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, almond), garbanzo beans, sesame seeds, sunflower kernels, and sometimes apricots also, or other berries such as red or white or both huckleberries, (oats and rye are also candidates) altogether exactly TEN ingredients = ten = 10 = 'ashra' 'the tenth'; tenth of Muharrem,

The world was born on the 10th of Muharem. Adam and Eve(aws) were expelled on the 10th of Muharrem and after 40 years found each other again on the Plain of Arafat on the Tenth of Muharrem, and Ismail (aws) son of Abraham (aws) was born on the 10th of Muharrem, and Noah's flood was on the Tenth of Muharem and the first Yom Kippur was on the Tenth of Muharrem and Hz Hussein (ra) was assassinated on the 10th of Muharrem in Kerbala, which is the holiest site after Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem for all the world's Shiites.

(Istanbul some say is number 4 for Sunnis, after Jerusalem, for the same reason that Orthodox Christians celebrate the Assumption on August 15th. By Mother Mary's (aws)'s intervention, the army of Fatih Mohammed II conquered the apostate last emperor of Rome and restored Orthodox Christianity and the Ecumenical Patriarchate, as predicted by the Prophet Mohamed (saws).) (Muslim theology says Mary was assumed bodily into heaven at her paranirvana[I haven't a clue what it is in Arabic but the idea is the same. She is the only one who doesn't have to come back to be judged at the end of time.])

So this is already too long.

love and peace to the people and the Prescott Bush Fan Club Association, the CIA, the George Bush Company INC, Condor Lisa Lice cartel, Darth Cheney and conquering horde conglomerate, Chemical Rumsfeld Associates, Silent Majority Minority, Republican Gauleiters Union, bin Laden Guantanamo Hotel and Construction and Management Agency and the Down with Geneva Damn Human Rights for All Torture Professional Group all can go to hell.

Tante isa in Solothurn Ost.

the place to stay in Pamukkale:

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Sid Schwab said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog; it means a great deal to know your relation to Kocher, and that you appreciated my post.

In looking at your blog, I see we share much in the way of sensibilities. I'm allowing myself a tiny bit of hope that things might change for the better in the US, with the upcoming elections. How nice it would be once again to feel inspired, as I was by JFK...