kobayashi isa

kobayashi isa

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

PTSD veteran's wives "the personal is political"

"the personal is political"

All politics is personal. I have been troubled deeply recently by homophobic attacks from unexpected directions. So, what has that to do with politics. Turkey is about to destroy the only democracy in the Middle East for reasons purely of racist hate. What does that have to do with homophobia directed towards me personally. Blackwell murders women and children and old people indiscriminately, and the USA has the highest rate of maternal deaths in the developed world.

Hate is demonic.

Anti-semitism, sectarian malice, sexism, heterosexism, dogmatic theocratic dominionism, genocide, “the War on Terrorism”, “the War on Drugs” are all tools used by Halliburton and subprime loan sharks to defraud us all of our community equity, our ownership of our lives.

The USA Declaration of Independence is the legal and ethical foundation in world history of community equity as the fundamental source spring of social order.

Humans as human are born with the right to become human in a society where all decision making includes all contributers to society, and the state, a late invention and an abstraction with no existential reality, is nothing more than a tool of community equity, period. When the state or those who compose the state and control the operation of the state deny humanity and human decency and human rights to all or to part of the society, the state itself loses its moral, ethical, and legal standing before the court of human relations and human decency.

Feminism, gay rights and queer theory are significant in the history of human affairs because without women's rights, gay rights and children's rights, there cannot be community equity. The denial of gay rights, children's rights, women's rights is the denial of society itself.

Native First Nation Americans somewhere have asserted, “we did not inherit the Earth. we borrow it from our children.” Children, women and gay people are the most vulnerable members of society and the most necessary. When a society attacks the poor and the child and women and gay people it attacks its very self. Racism and sectarian hate thrive only where children are raised without responsibility and rights, seeing their mothers exploited, and seeing that some of the fathers and sisters and brothers and neighbors are and some are not “valid” humans. Slavery is the emasculation and clitorectomy and the degendering of persons.

Genocide is the murder of families, lovers, mothers, artists, scientists and truth. We have no written records from 10,000 years of human thought and suffering and knowledge and learning from the Americas because of the genocide committed by Spain in the name of catholic church values. God, they say, hates. Today, so-called”family values” and right to life is genocide, slavery, and exploitation of the poor, the defenseless, and the unforgiven every bit as ruthless and merciless as Spain in the Americas or Britain in Tasmania or Afrikaaners in South Africa.

Quran, the Gospels, Torah, the Sutras, the Great Peace of the Iroquois Confederation, the Gospel of Handsome Lake, the witness of the Dalai Lama, the teachings of Mother Theresa of Calcutta and the Rev. Dr.Martin Luther King, jr. all agree that god's mercy is infinite and unboundable and absolute. Mercy, giving, forgiving, caring, loving. These are human family values and the basis of any living breathing person's right to life.

There is no right of the yet unborn to live which trumps the right of the living.

There is no dogma, no ideology, no theology, no philosophy, no politics, no government grant, no free capital market which can exist anywhere where there is no community equity. Faggot rights are human rights and children's rights and workers rights. No one has the right to stand between any person and GOD, and no one anywhere in any capacity has the right to tell God who to love nor to tell anyone else who to love.

Neither Turkey, nor Cheney and Bush, nor bin Laden, nor Burma, nor any ayatollah or junta or money market fund manager, neither mufti nor Pope, nor curia, nor zoning board, neither kemalism, catholicism, zionism, white man's burden, dominionism, communism, orthodoxy, right to life, family values, sovereignty, sharia, sunnah, dogma, ex-cathedra encyclical, appointment by the Supreme Court to the presidency, no bible, no MicroSoft update, no natural law, rabbinical counsel, or school board can in any way diminish the absolute right of every human child to grow up cherished, valued, cared for, validated and free to love, give, forgive and know god's mercy, and to learn and grow to the limit of their ability and effort.

Every human right denied to another is the denial of one's own essential existential right to be the human one was born to be. Denying humanity to others eraces away our own humanity, and only the mercy of the ones we exploit and use and abuse can ever again restore to us our souls and our selves.

Along with James Baldwin, we must not ever forget that our duty as gay people is to remember that the very survival of humanity depends on our own individual personal sacred sacrificial choice, either to forgive, and know forever we are human, or to hate.

TIME MAGAZINE. In 1978, 100,000 women marched on Washington demanding equal rights. Over the next few years they signed petitions, held walkathons, and staged hunger strikes. But only 35 of the needed 38 states ratified the Equal Rights Amendment by the 1982 deadline. Today, a renewed effort is underway to add the amendment (now called the Women's Equality Amendment) to the Constitution, headed by Sen. Edward Kennedy and Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

Though its supporters have reintroduced the bill every year since 1982, they believe that with the power shift toward the Democrats, the time is right to add language guaranteeing that "equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex." ...

... Susan Faludi, author of 1991's "Backlash": ...a consumer-driven culture has shifted the discussion from talk of liberation to talk of self-improvement, where purchasing replaces protests. "The idea of women as public actors, not just private players, has been replaced by ersatz feminism where you're free to buy whatever push-up bra you want," she says...

... Older feminists worry that ERA-era feminism's declaration that "the personal is political" has been lost on the latest generation, who don't realize that their personal struggles should be addressed collectively. "If you don't have the idea that you can make a claim on society, then you're on your own. And that's what happened," says Katha Pollitt, feminist author, ... ....http://www.newsweek.com/id/43419

Washington Post.

A Wife's Battle



"Can't you tell them I'm a veteran?" asks her husband, Troy, who served as an Army scout in Baghdad and came back with post-traumatic stress disorder.

"Troy, they don't care," Michelle says, her patience stretched.there are clothes to wash, meals to cook, kids to get ready for school and a husband who is placidly medicated or randomly explosive. Besides PTSD, Michelle suspects that Troy may have a brain injury, which could explain how a 38-year-old man who used to hunt and fish can lose himself in a three-day "Scooby-Doo" marathon on the Cartoon Network.

"He can't deal with everyday stresses of living," Michelle says. "He can't make decisions. He is a worrywart. Fearful. It's like they took Troy and put him in a different person."

As thousands of war-wounded lug their discharge papers and pill bottles home, more than a quarter are returning with PTSD and brain trauma. Compensation for these invisible injuries is more difficult and the social isolation more profound, especially in rural communities where pastures outnumber mental health providers. Troy's one-year war has become his wife's endless one.
The U.S. ranks 41st in a new analysis of maternal mortality rates in 171 countries released by a group of U.N. public health experts on Friday. The survey shows that even a developing country like South Korea is ahead of the United States.

"Women are unnecessarily dying from pregnancy and childbirth complications because the U.S. is moving in a wrong direction," said Beneva Schulte of Women Deliver, a Washington-based group campaigning for women's reproductive rights and access to public health care.

Based on 2005 estimates, the U.N. analysis suggests that one in 4,800 women in the United States carry a lifetime risk of death from pregnancy. By contrast, among the 10 top-ranked industrialised countries, fewer than one in 16,400 are facing a similar situation....Responding to inquiries by IPS, a U.S. public health official identified "racial disparity" as the most significant factor underlying the high U.S. maternal mortality rate. "Black women are four times more vulnerable than whites," Eve Lackritz, chief of the Maternal and Infant Health branch of the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), told IPS.

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